The Children's Bank


The Donald V. Watkins, P.C. Children's Fund, commonly known as "The Children's Bank" (, was started in 2006.  It was established to help children 18 years of age or younger start a new business or expand an already existing business they own.  The child must download and complete the Loan Application Kit, which consists of a "business plan" form that allows the applicant to describe the business or idea for which they need the loan.  The application MUST INCLUDE projected income and expenses, how much money they would like to borrow and how they plan to pay the money back.  The Fund Administrator will review all applications and forward them to the board of directors for final approval.  If approved, the child will be contacted regarding the loan amount for which he/she is approved and how to collect the money.
The Children's Bank is funded by Donald V. Watkins, President and CEO of Donald V. Watkins, P.C., in honor of his father, Levi Watkins.  When he was a young boy, Watkins convinced his father to take him to a bank so that he could apply for a $10.00 loan.  He wanted to purchase a bicycle so that he could become a newspaper delivery boy.  Since then, Watkins has spent most of his life expressing his entrepreneurial spirit.  He has closely followed his father Levi's advice about being economically independent and making positive contributions to economic development in his community.  Watkins's collective accomplishments have included founding and operating his own law firm (, waste-to-ethanol company (, bank (, real estate firm (First Highland Group, LLC), and a news service (  He has also watched his children achieve their own entrepreneurial success in fields such as banking, real estate development, web design and television production.
The Children's Bank was inspired by a similar organization created in 1983 by Mr. Watkins's close friends, Delford Smith, founder and owner of Evergreen International Aviation, Inc. in McMinnville, Oregon.  The Children's Bank is located at the offices of Donald V. Watkins, P.C. in Birmingham, Alabama. Loan payments at 2% below the national rate will be structured based on projected income.  The Fund Administrator will also provide financial counseling to the applicant.  If you have any questions regarding the Bank you can contact the Fund Administrator at 205-558-4665.  
Please send all correspondence to:
The Children's Bank
c/o Donald V. Watkins, P.C.
2170 Highland Avenue
Suite 100
Birmingham, Alabama 35205 

Click Below to download the Children's Bank Application

Children's Bank Application